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Romantic Glacier Country B&B's, Montana

Scenic Drives in
Glacier National Park

The Entrance Road provides 8 kilometres (5 miles) of magnificent views that beautifully illustrate the park’s theme, ?where the mountains meet the prairie.? Colorful prairie flowers and grasses, and the glittering blue chain of the Waterton Lakes are set against a mountain backdrop. The sight of the historic Prince of Wales Hotel, on a knoll above the lakes, indicates you will soon arrive at our lakeside townsite. The Akamina Highway begins near the townsite and runs for 16km (10 miles) along the Cameron Valley. Points of interest include the site of western Canada’s first producing oil well, the Oil City site, and scenic Cameron Lake.

The Red Rock Parkway meanders over rolling prairie and through the Blakiston Valley. It ends at the strikingly colored rocks and cascading creeks of Red Rock Canyon, a distance of 15km (9 miles). The drive features views of magnificent mountains, including Mt. Blakiston, the park’s highest peak.

The Chief Mountain Highway is the primary route between Waterton Lakes and Glacier National Parks. The highway climbs from the grasslands near Maskinonge Lake to a viewpoint giving a magnificent vista of the Front Range of the Rockies and Waterton Valley. Enroute from the border crossing, the road traverses fields and forests, dotted with wetlands created by Crooked Creek.

The Bison Paddock, near the north entrance to the park off Highway 6, features a small herd of plains bison, maintained to commemorate the larger herds that once roamed freely in this area. The bison can be seen while driving a narrow road through the paddock. Please do not leave your vehicles. The road is not suitable for vehicles with trailers.

Information provided by the National Park Service

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